Eco Alli Bikini Top | 2 pieces
Eco Alli Bikini Top | 2 pieces

Eco Alli Bikini Top | 2 pieces

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Our eco-friendly collection is produced with the Amni® Soul Eco, the world’s first biodegradable yarn, has an enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula allowing clothes to quickly decompose after being properly discarded. This technology keeps the durability and quality of the garments while still offering the polyamide fiber benefits (soft touch, comfort, easy care, etc.) Degrading in around three years*, the Amni® Soul Eco solution decomposes ten times faster than conventional polyamides making fashion truly eco-sustainable. Ultimately, this enhances landfills productivity waste by a degradation rate and then directly promotes the conservation of green areas.

 About the design:

Made in Brazil, the designed top is a round pad cup attached, you can use it twisted or plain, as you wish! Beautiful vibrant color.

 Foam cup on top

Cup size small: A - B

Medium: B - C

Large C - D


Brazilian sizing chart


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