Shop Local - Meet San Antonio's new Brazilian Boutique | New Clothing Store in San Antonio

What comes to your mind when you hear Brazilian clothing? Vibrant colors, exotic patterns, and prints compose the fashion clothing in Brazil. 

Brazil is also diverse when it comes to women's fashion clothes. Because of its tropical climate, it's common to see people wearing dresses all year round, shorts and crop tops, and tees. 

Where I am from -Salvador Bahia, we do not have winter! I remember going to the beach for a swim during fall and winter - that is why we find bikini shops everywhere in Bahia and other warm states. it's wonderful! 

Now, the exciting news is that we have a Brazilian boutique in San Antonio, Texas - the first in town. It's so exciting when people enter the store and wow so colorful! "Look at that photo - is it Rio?" Yeah, we have posters of the most tourist places in Brazil throughout our store, to bring a little more of Brazil besides the clothes! 

Wear Brazil was born to a Brazilian woman with the purpose of serving women living in the United States. We offer clothes and swimsuits designed and produced in Brazil mostly from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Santa Catarina, and Fortaleza. The best places to shop for quality clothes - that I know of. I grew up seeing my dad traveling to some of those states to buy wholesale clothes and bring them to my hometown and sell door-to-door in the 1990s! Good memories.

I am so happy to be able to bring a little of my country to San Antonio! Please come by some time it'd be a pleasure to meet you! 




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