What Bikini Color Matches My Skin Tone?

Every time a client comes to my house to check out the swimsuits they ask: "does this color match my skin tone?" This is a question I think every woman asks when buying clothes, swimsuits and accessories. So I decided to do a blog post on this subject because it does matter choosing the right color on your skin tone to bring out the beauty of your shade.

Fair/pale skin tone


First you want to identify your undertone: is it warm? Is it cool? Is it neutral? How to identify? Look at your veins! If it is greenish then your undertone is warm, if it looks blue or purplish the undertone will be cool, if you can't see color in your vain then your undertone is neutral. Now that you know your undertone, let's see what color will flatter your shade. Warm tones will look good on any earth-color shade, brown, dark brown, any shape of green will look stunning! Peach, light pink, rose pink will bring out the beautiful subtle red undertones. Stay away from bright color neons and black color. Cool tones will rock in burgundy, deep red, eggplant purple will look stunning too. Stay away from bright colors, white - it will make you look pale, stay away from black - too rash. Neutral color can go with any of the warm and cool tones. 

Dark skin tone 

Vibrant color as well as bright color will look so good on dark skin tone. Off-white and beige will flatter dark skin color and look fabulous, too. Dark skinned girls will also look amazing in neon colors or any patterns colorful bikinis. Deep pink, purple, bright yellow, bright blue, gold and copper. Orange and any shade of the red color will look amazing on dark skinned girls. Try to avoid dark colors such as brown, navy blue, gray or any color close to your skin tone.

Olive skin tone 

The skin tone that will go with any color is the olive skin tone. When choosing the right color think of a pink to bring out the red undertone, and any green tone to bring out the beautiful brown undertone. You can bet on off-white, beige, black, navy blue, pink, neons color, and any colorful mix patterns. You are so lucky!

Medium brown skin tone

It's time to choose a color that will bring out the beauty and glow of your shade. You should pick any blue shade, deep red, burgundy, deep or bright purple, red, bright pink, bright green - really, any shade of green will flatter medium brown skin tone! White and off-white will also look amazing. Try to avoid orange, caramel, brown, and pastel colors, it won't look flattering on your skin tone. 

Bottom line

You are welcome to use any color you like, really. This should not dictate what color you must wear, but just give you an idea of the best color to suit your skin tone. However, you can choose whichever color that will make you feel happy, I am sure you will look just as gorgeous! 

Vanessa CEO of We Wear Brazil

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