Ruffle Bikini Set | 2 pieces
Ruffle Bikini Set | 2 pieces
Ruffle Bikini Set | 2 pieces

Ruffle Bikini Set | 2 pieces

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Beautiful Brazilian bikini set, ruffle bottom and top, scrunch back for a nice butt lift looking. 

flattering ruffle design on bottom and top edges, very trendy in Brazil which is called "cortininha".

This bottom has a unique scrunch design on back, so called Brazilian "lift butt" technique.

Foam cup on top for a more secure and comfortable fit. 

Foam cup on top

Cup size small: A - B

Medium: B - C

Large C - D


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What they say


I absolutely love the material and design of my bikini. It fits perfectly and accentuates my body curves. In love. I totally recommend and I will definitely purchase from the again.

Thamis Santos
Houston, Texas

The owner just nailed with the suggestion she gave me. The bikini matched my body, my skin and my identity. I'm just in love with it.

Inaia Correia
San Antonio, Texas

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