Giving life to my swimwear line - How to Start your own swimwear brand

Hi there, 

the blog post of today is going to be based on my own experience with my swimwear line - which first started as a swimwear retailer. And, of course, I will give you some tips on how you can start your own, too!

"Nothing is impossible for those who believes." I know you have heard this before, and, in fact, it is true. If you want something, and you believe on you to achieve it, go for it. It has a big chance you are going to get it right.

When I decided to sell swimwear, it all started when I moved to the United States - I am originally from Brazil. I was used to our swimwear from there, and when i got here in 2014 I had only brought 1 pair of bikinis. Oh, how i regret - an by the way, thats my advise to all my Brazilian friends when move to here "bring a bunch of swimsuits". Nothing personal with the American bikini style. It is just that I was used to our bikini bottom style. And, by the way, they were not thongs. They were regular bottoms but those that contour my curves, which i love about Brazilian swimwear. 

That was the reason why i decided to sell bikinis from Brazil in the US. Not only to have options for myself, but to all my fellow Brazilian ladies. And why not to the American ladies? I have several clients who love the Brazilian cut bikini I offer and it makes me happy that they found an option to boost their confidence.

Ok, let's get to it! 

Business Plan: plan out e v e r y t h i n g. Know your niche. Your purpose. Know what manufacturers you are going to buy from. Are you making them? Are you hiring someone to make them? How much can you invest? Where are you selling, online or in store?  How are you going to advertise? Should you hire a marketing team? 

Get samples. Get to know the material of the swimsuit you are going to resell. Or the fabric you are going to use to make the garments. I had to "dump" so many bikinis because when it got here i couldn't sell it. It was cheap material, was totally different from what I wanted - high quality. Since my manufacturers were in Brazil I was not there to see it. I had to do everything online or over the phone. Which made things worse. It got better the second time, but i went through many different manufacturers until i found the ones that met my expectations to finally launch it on my online store.

Private Labeling: If you are launching your swimwear brand, then it has to have your brand on it. Some manufacturers will do what is called "private label." They will sew the label in every piece with your brand name. This is a great marketing strategy, because if can happen of that friend ask "oh, i love your swimsuits, whats from?" and the label has your brand - Tad-a! One more client fro you!

Have someone help you. I was two whole years working on my own. Doing everything from pricing to marketing. It was exhausting, and you it's hard to have the knowledge of all things such as the financing part, or the website design, marketing, and so on. It is good to have a team to help you out. Today I have people who work with me and was the best thing I did. Phew!

Once you have thought about all mentioned above, you can brainstorm the brand name - and make sure to search if the name you chose isn't taken. Then do the social media accounts. Do the pre-launching photos - not necessarily using the photos of your merchandise, but you have it from the manufacturer you are getting from you can post a sneak peek. 

Get a domain (www. yourbrand. com). I started out with Wix, but moved to Shopify a little over a year ago, and I'm loving it here. Much more clear and easy to manage. Don't forget to have a "coming soon" landing page with a email request for you to send them when your store launches * another great marketing strategy*.

Last but not least, start selling it! If you are doing it online, then you need to advertise twice more, to get people to know your brand. Do popups at your local market event. Remember Coca-cola only sold one bottle in a whole year. Now see where they are. Never give up. Always keep your head up and moving forward. 

I am not where I aim to be, but I will get there, and you guys will hear about us, a lot. 


Want to resell our Brazilian authentic swimwear? Send us a message now. 


The Team We Wear Brazil

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