When I started my swimwear online store plan, as I search through manufacturer in Brazil to import the inventory to the States, one of the swimwear producer company introduced to me the first nylon biodegradable in the world, in which they use to make their swimsuits. I was amazed by such technology and ordered my first wholesale purchase with them. It was very pricey but ecological fabrics are not cheap, they are durable and high quality. After our Eco Collection, I decided to follow the route of selling not only eco-friendly swimsuits, but sustainable too.

Our Brazil Raiz Collection uses high technology fabric made of recycled plastic bottle yarn. Click here to learn more about this process. Our purpose is to serve women by providing high quality and durable swimsuits and active wear and at the same time help our planet. When you shop with us, you are also helping the fashion industry that are investing in our planet by reusing the recycled material and making into apparels and more! 

As a conscious fashion brand, we make sure to provide our employees a fairly salary as well as complying with manufacturers that please their employees and provide a safe working space. Our products are made in Brazil with a headquarter in San Antonio, Texas. 

We Wear Brazil wants to be 100% in accordance with the planet, thus, our packaging and tags are made of 100% recycled paper and cartoon. 

If you and me take a step forward in supporting sustainable fashion we are opening up space for more fashion industry to be more conscious in helping our planet and ocean.