How I increased Sales Using The Shopify POS System | Increase your Boutique Sales too

Hey, everyone! 

Happy New Year! I am so excited about what 2023 will bring. I wish your business thrives this year as much as I believe mine will! 

Let's get into what the title says: How I increased sales using the Shopify POS system. (This post is not sponsored.)

I opened my Shopify online retail store a few years ago first as a bikini shop and now we have grown into a clothing store (bikinis still included) and a brick-and-mortar. As I write this on January 2nd it was on Thanksgiving week when I first opened the door and at the beginning of December, I had my grand opening event! 

A little over a year ago I started using the Shopify POS (Point of Sale) system but I had no idea it was going to be so successful as it has been. 

What is the Shopify POS system? 

It's an app that allows you to sell your products in person - that being said, there is no excuse to make sales, have your merchandise in hand, pull out your phone and card reader and there you have the tools, anywhere, anytime. 

I started using a second-party system but it was not as cool as Shopify, honestly 😄. Before I would have to always update the products right after making the sale by writing down what I sold and it was taking time, since my booth was always busy I noticed people would leave because didn't want to wait while I was finishing up a sale, swipe card, send the receipt, hand item to customer, and write down right after what I had sold. It was necessary to do that because I needed to track the inventory. When I started to use the Shopify POS system everything changed even better when I also ordered, besides the card reader,  the barcode scanner! 😏

POS App: Free 

POS System: Free (they have paid options as well)

Card Reader: $29 + tax

Barcode Scanner: $299 + tax

This system is a game-changer! I just open the app scan my product and it appears right there, client swipes the card, type in her phone number, send a receipt, and it all happens in less than a minute! Super fast and convenient. You also have the option to receive payment in cash, or even split payment between cash or card. Also, it gives you more actions such as adding discounts, charging tax, and so on. On there you can also track your sales and have the customer's data. Now with my physical location, I continue to use this system and I want to use it still for a while just for its practicality and easy way of making sales.

But how did my sales increase?  

Even with my location open I still go to pop up around the city, because I want to spread the news of our new location and because I want to make additional sales at pop-up markets -at least once a month. Since one of the markets I attend gets very busy clients didn't want to wait in line. I would lose the sale right there. Now It takes me less than a minute to close a sale! So people don't have to wait longer and have a chance of giving up buying an item. Also sometimes I make sales even when I don't have the product in hand. I just pull my phone and take payment (i manually type in my customer's card info) because my products are exclusive and come from Brazil, people want to pay ahead of time so I can hold the item, so there is no way I will let that pass. "oh, hey! I have the POS app give me your card I will charge you now and the item is yours!" Also, I have my store app , which is easy to show my catalog to people so they can look through and order more products while chatting. I love networking!

Also, my husband has the app on his phone and he can even make sales for our store as well! Once one of his co-workers wanted to purchase an item, and my husband said I'll bring it tomorrow, right there he didn't have the cash, "oh no worries" he pulls out the phone and takes the payment manually right there with the pos app. How cool is that? You might be wondering what my husband sold at his work to his guy co-workers... 😄 I also have Brazilian swimsuits for men and at the moment I am the only person here in town who sells this kind of swimsuit for men, he was very excited about it😄  Check it out here 

Nevertheless, my sales have increased by 85% since I started this system, and my life has been easier when it comes to tracking inventory and sales since my online store is within the same platform. Now I don't have to update my inventory later, the app does it automatically. 

My favorite combo for my business:

Check out my clothing line from Brazil, exclusive and premium-quality. 


Vanessa - CEO of Wear Brazil Boutique 


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