How to avoid your swimsuit to wear out | Make it durable!

When we think about swimwear it comes to our mind bathing suits that are going to be resistant to chlorine and salty water. The poor quality swimsuits tend to wear out quickly when you go for a swim in the ocean or pool because of the synthetic fiber used to make that piece.

The first thing you need to do to make your bikini or one-piece durable is choosing the high quality ones. Unfortunately, many stores out there sell the cheap swimsuits that many times aren't made of the prompt fabric for swimsuit, that is why some aren't as stretchy, or is too transparent, or it wear out in the first use. 

After investing in a good quality swimsuit, you need to take good care of it to avoid wearing out and make it last longer. 

  • ALWAYS keep your bathing suit in a separate bag from other clothes and lingerie. fold it separate and put it in a silk satin bag. Satin bags will keep it from creating little lint or fuzz balls; yes depending on the quality of your swimsuit fabric, it can get those annoying lint balls from the loose fibers.
  • After that nice swim in the ocean or pool, untie the strings remove the salty water or the chlorine, then wash with warm water and soap, hang it to air dry RIGHT after your take them off. DO NOT wait for later! Swimsuits wear out mostly when you let it sit in the laundry basket. Very few fabric now a days are chlorine resistant, even if they are it does not mean you can wash it two or three days later.
  • If you choose to wash in washing machine, ALWAYS put it in a mesh bag and DELICATE setting! If you want to avoid it from shrinking. 
  • NEVER put in dryer. I mean NEVER EVER. It. Will. Damage. Not only will it destroy your garments but will as well shrink and fade its print and color.
  • Try new swimsuits! Let it go of that favorite swimsuit and give it a try to different designs, prints and color! I promise you your are not loosing. It is always nice to have a variety of swimsuits to rock on the beach or in that pool party! 

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