Why Are Swimsuits So Expensive?

"So tiny but so expensive!" 

Have you ever thought about the cost of swimsuits being "too much"? It's logical to think that the garment does not use a lot of fabric yet some brand sell their bikinis or one-piece for over $100s.

Have you ever asked yourself why my bikinis don't last? Do you have that favorite swimsuit that you don't want to throw out but keep wearing even though it's "falling apart"? We all have that garment we love so much but it's worn out - bummer! 

In the past 10 years, the technology has advanced in the swimwear fashion industry with high-tech fabrics, anti-odor, anti-shrinking, UV protection, and even biodegradable! The fabric used for swimsuits is one thing to consider why the piece is so costly. Most brands use high-quality material to produce their bikinis making them slow fashion, for their durability.

Now comes the best part: design! Now, this step comes even before choosing the fabric. Fashion designers put on a lot of work to create a collection, and it takes time. Then they pick the fabric, the pattern, and the color pallet. After the whole "theory" part of developing the collection, they send it to production. There is a lot of work to do as well, such as doing the paper pattern of the design and then cutting out the fabric with the right measurement so it does not look too small or too big or not a perfect fit at all. Then they put it together. It's not only sewing, but there are also elastics to put in, lining, accessories in some pieces, and pad, to then reveal the beautiful garment. 

Why are there big stores chains that sell swimsuits for too cheap? Some online stores sell pretty designed bikinis, however, it's important to learn if they are using cheap labor, if they are paying well their seamstress, also the fabric used if it's durable, or comfortable fit, can you see through? Swimwear is a very delicate piece that many women don't feel comfortable wearing, so it's important to check these things and not buy them because it's cheap.

There is a lot to consider before purchasing low-cost swimsuits. It's worth a little research and investment to find your favorite piece so you can keep it nice and new for years. 



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