How I import from Brazil into the U.S.

Importing from another country is always a challenge but it's not impossible. When I did this video, i got a lot of messages on my DM about the customs duty fees and how I do it from the U.S. 

The first thing to consider when thinking about importing products made in another country other than yours: you have to do a research on the product you want to bring. Do you already have easy access to it in your home country? Why do you need to bring this particular product? Is it different from what you see in your town? Do you know the language of the country you want to import from? It's very important to consider these questions and research these before jumping into importing from another country.

Customs duty fee: 

It's inevitable to avoid these fees when importing products into the United States. It's also not illegal to avoid the fees when you can. But how? Usually the fee is applied when a good that enters U.S is greater or equal to US$800. Nothing below that will be taxed! When I ordered a collection many years ago, it was a little over US$1,000 and I got a letter saying that my box was taxed at customs and I had to pay $400 to withdraw the box from the postal company, otherwise it was going to go back to Brazil. I HAD to pay that fee in other to obtain my merchandise. There is NO way to avoid customs duty fee unless your order is less than US$800. 

How I avoid the fee?

All of our products come from Brazil, and as we pay in BRL currency we always order small collections that is less than US$800 at least twice a month and it is enough believe me. As a boutique and small business we don't do big orders just yet, but once we do, it will be inevitable to avoid the customs fee. Unfortunately. 

How I find vendors in Brazil?

I am born and raised in Brazil and Portuguese is my native language which is easier to communicate with vendors. In Brazil only around 5% of the population speak English, so if you don't speak Portuguese it may be a little hard to communicate with the manufacturer.  Also not all the factories will export to other countries. So, if you cannot go down to Brazil or any other country you want to import from, then it will be a little difficult to get your hands on the merchandise. Since I have family in Brazil most of the time when a manufacturer I love don't export I order to deliver to my mom and then she will ship it to us -after inspecting the products. Also my parents are into the fashion industry selling clothes for over 30 years, they know the right vendors to get my clothes from which I am very fortunate. 

Why from Brazil?

The idea of this business came from a "problem" I wanted to solve. When moved to the States I had trouble finding the swimsuit that I was used to when I was living in Brazil. Nothing sexy or exotic. I never wore thongs. It was mostly comfortable bikinis bottom that would accentuate my body shape. When I brought it here I discovered that the problem was not only my "problem" but of many Brazilian women living in the U.S. Consequently, introducing it to American and Hispanic women in the city, they were very pleased with the pieces and became our forever customers. 

Not everyone can go to Brazil and experience our fashion culture, so bringing it to the States is a great way to spread the beauty of Brazilian fashion that is not always exotic as others think. It IS also sophisticated and classy. In fact, we offer style that are classy, exotic, vibrant and also monochromatic.

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