Brazilian Bikini - The Most Iconic Bikinis in the World


You may ask yourself why Brazilian bikinis are so popular in the United States right now. It is in fact becoming very trendy among Americans. With its famous flattering cut and exotic and vibrant colors, Brazilian bikinis are becoming the most iconic bikini of all time. While many shops sell it saying it's a Brazilian bikini, they are probably meaning it's a Brazilian cut design but not actually produced in Brazil. 

Even though bikinis were not invented in Brazil, it was there that they became famous for their flattering cut a few decades ago.

Picture of women wearing bikinis in Brazil in the 1980s. GETTY IMAGE

A Brazilian bikini will accentuate your curves, and shape any body type. There are many designs you will find in the market, not only small (thongs) ones. The flattering part of a Brazilian bikini is its triangle cut on the back that will give the booty a nice round lifted butt. 

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The most famous bikini design in Brazil is the "cortininha" the triangle top cut, with a "curtain" design that you can wear in multiple ways. Although bikini designs have innovated over the years, the cortininha is the bikini fashion trend that has never gone out of style since the 70s (in Brazil). 

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When looking for a Brazilian bikini always look at the label if it says "fabricado no Brasil" or made in Brazil, if you want an authentic Brazilian bikini. Here at Wear Brazil, you will find only authentic made-in-Brazil bikinis. All of our bikinis and clothes come directly from there. I was born and raised in Brazil and lived 10 min away from the beach, I absolutely love bikinis, there are my weakness. ;) If you are interested in seeing my bikini haul video, please subscribe to my channel. I will be uploading the video there soon! Subscribe now

Brazilian bikinis are trendy for its flattering cut. The Brazilian beachwear fashion is expanding worldwide also for its exotic and vibrant colors and patterns. Check out our bathing suits collections from Brazil. Click here


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